They are still children

Sorry this is my first blog in a few months but I am studying for my A Licence and so thought it was better I spend my free time doing that than blogging. I have a few weeks between Part 1 & 2 now so I thought I would get down some thoughts.

Every season I see examples of adults involved in youth football forgetting that they are dealing with children but this year I was part of a conversation that I think tops the lot.

This particular conversation started because I met someone who was telling me that his son or grandson I cannot quite remember which was a decent player. I listened as he told me he was good with both feet, great dribbler and had an ‘eye for goal’. He was involved in most of the goals either scoring them or setting them up etc etc.

He told me he wasn’t at all happy with the club he was at because they hadn’t done any trials and so there were players in the team who simply shouldn’t be there. At training everything would break down because some of the players just weren’t good enough. Also the club wanted all the players in the age group to train together instead of separately in their own teams.

Most of this conversation I have heard a million times before I mean every Coach listens at some stage to a relative tell them their son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild is too good for the team they are in. However, the second part sounded a bit strange so I asked why did the club want them to train together only as a group and he said he had no idea but it was a shambles and he wouldn’t be going back. He then asked me when were the trials at the club I am at and I said approximately when they were meant to be.

I asked him what age group did the player play in and this is when he told me that the player was 5 years old but he was ‘playing up’.

I, honestly, thought we were talking about a teenager.

I am not sure how anyone can watch 5 or 6 year olds playing and forget they are watching young children play. Somehow he was able to block out that the players who needed help to wipe their own noses or who forgot which way they were playing or who stopped playing because a crisp packet blew on to the pitch.

Instead he thought what they needed was to be treated more like adult footballers.

Love to hear what you think.

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