So what did you learn today?

My last blog was about how sometimes as Coaches we get fixated on using an exercise that we have seen and use it despite it not really being appropriate for the session you are doing.

I got my point across fairly quickly and I thought the blog was a little too short so I added what changes I made after I reviewed the session and how these worked with the next session.

Surprisingly I got more feedback on the fact that I reviewed the session that I got from the topic itself. This really made me think about what I had written as if I am honest I would have never written anything about reviewing the session if it had taken me longer to get my initial point across.

I have read before about how we can learn something valuable but completely off topic from everything and this really brought it home to me. It started me thinking that if I do a game based training session that focuses on a player’s 1st Touch for example what else can be learnt.

First thing that came to mind was for there to be lots of 1st Touches there has to be lots of passes so clearly different ways to strike the ball with different parts of the foot, speed of the pass, accuracy of pass plus a whole variety of types of passes from driven to chipped can all be learnt.

Second thing that came to mind was if the players have lots of 1st Touches then they have to position themselves frequently to receive those passes so clearly we have looking for space, looking for options, losing an opponent and timing of runs to receive the ball.

Next if there are lots of passes then there needs to be frequent communication between the players so now we get checking for opponents shutting team mates down, making sure team mates know they have time plus all the other information that can be passed on.

Clearly there are many more so no matter how well the session is planned I can only point the players or encourage the players to learn the topic I intended but it could be just as likely that they have learnt something else that improves them as a player.

As always I need to hear other Coach’s’ opinions so we can all improve.

Thank you to everyone who engages with the blog it is really appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you

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