Session Plans

It constantly amazes me how my session plans change over time. I will look back at old plans and marvel at how different they look. Without realising it I will have tweaked the format to such an extent that at first glance the plan isn’t recognisable as being one of mine.

I have no idea when I started including it in my plans or what triggered me to start including it but the single most helpful part of my plan is to write down four behaviours I want to see if the players are doing the topic of the session correctly. It helps me be more specific when I am writing out the session plan plus it helps me when I am conducting and evaluating the session.

For example the last session I did was a technical session for 11/12 year olds about striking the ball with the specific topic being ‘Passing Inbetween Defenders’.

I listed what I wanted to see the players do as –

1 – Players positioning themselves to create passing lanes inbetween defenders.

2 – Evidence they had planned ahead i.e 1st time passes inbetween defence or adjusting position.

3 – Using both feet to pass inbetween.

4 – Disguising 1st Touch to allow inbetween pass to happen.


Part of the introduction was a 5 v 2 with the teams beginning to move into

the next grid after completing five passes.

Now this blog is not about this session but it is about Session Plans. Like I said I cannot remember when I started writing out the four behaviours but it would feel completely strange for me not to spend some time in the planning stage visualising what I wanted to see the players do then including that in my plan. However I can remember not doing it which I now find incredible.

Do you have something that you write in each Session Plan that you can’t imagine completing a plan without it? If so please share it with the coaches who read this blog.

As always would love to hear from as many coaches as possible so we can all improve as a result of the feedback.

Look forward to hearing from you

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