5-Pass Rule – Part Two

Again a big thank you to everyone who retweeted or shared my blogs recently and for those who got in touch directly. I have been able to have some great discussions with coaches plus get some great ideas.

After my latest blog ‘5-Pass Rule – Now I like it’ I had quite a large number of coaches suggest ‘Passes for Points’ i.e a goal is worth the number of passes in the build-up so a 9 pass move and goal could be worth 9 ( or 10 as a few coaches gave extra for the goal itself).

I thought a fantastic way to tweak playing this ‘Passes for Points’ game was suggested by Jack Walton who left a comment on the blog

Depends what your intended outcomes are. If possession then one I have found works well is ‘Your goal is worth the amount of passes that led up to it.’ Keeps the theme and incentivises possession play without losing too much realism. Combine that with a ‘race to the finish’ darts-style scoring and you can create an exciting game with purpose.

I.e. Both teams start with 20 points and the idea is to get down to zero. Score with a 20 pass sequence and you automatically win the leg. The score might come down to 10-1 so one team have earned the right to play more direct whilst the other may continue to focus on scoring with possession.

I’ve used it and it throws up some good problems for the players to solve.

@jackwalton1 Regional Coach Development Manager (5-11) for the FA.

He is worth a follow just for that tweak in my opinion.

If you have your own tweak to ‘Passes for Points’ please let me know.

Please leave a comment or email me seanthecoach@icloud.com

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Till next time


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